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Effects of the Ukraine War

|Delayed delivery and soaring prices

save Ukraine.png

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus and the effects of the Ukraine war, production lines and transportation lines are currently congested all over the world, mainly in Europe, and the delivery of all fireplaces, wood stoves and accessories has been significantly extended. The current delivery date is about 7 to 8 months (*) after placing the order. (*) Design fix and meeting fix with our company (about 2 months) are prerequisites before ordering.

In addition, due to the same impact, the steel supply shortage and fuel surcharge/war risk surcharge have soared, so the estimated amount is higher than before.​The expiration date for the quote is two weeks.​Thank you for your understanding.


About your request

1.About the flow and delivery date from order to construction and delivery

1 Product selection: We will help you until you find your favorite item.

Please let us know your requests via the inquiry form or by email.

2 Confirmation of price and performance: We will search for a product that meets the customer's required performance and budget.

Please send detailed information such as plan view, cross-sectional view, detailed cross-sectional view, etc. We will give you a rough estimate.

3 Consent to the approval drawing and signature/seal: The customer and the person in charge will confirm the design details.

Confirm the fit, submit a quotation based on the determined size, and place an order if there are no problems. Start creating drawings approved by the manufacturer (approximately 3-4 weeks)

(Exchange of purchase orders, confirmations, etc., administrative procedures such as business partner registration, etc.)

4 *Payment: A down payment (50% of the main unit price) or the full amount must be paid in advance.

After confirming the payment, place an order and start making the fireplace (about 15 weeks) (not including 3 weeks each for summer and winter holidays)

5 Shipment (shipping and importing by basic surface mail) → Arrival in Japan (approximately 8 weeks)

6. Delivery and installation work: We will start delivery and installation work according to your convenience.

On-site construction by our company (construction is scheduled to be divided into 2 to 3 stages for roof preparation, chimney installation, and fireplace body installation work)

7 *Payment: Please pay the balance (if any). (Request from us after construction is completed)

2. About the quotation price

Accurate quotes require detailed drawings. Please send us the drawing data (PDF or DXF is fine).

"Floor plan of the whole building", "Detailed cross-sectional view (if not available)" (Elevation view and detailed roof cross-sectional view if available) are required.

(Because the amount varies greatly depending on the cross-sectional shape)


◇  About the estimated amount

The price of the main unit alone is about 4 million yen at GYROFOCUS.

(There was a further price change from July due to the soaring cost of materials. Please note that this is an "approximate")


The materials, construction costs, etc. required for "other than" the main body are as follows.
1) Roof internal support member cost
2) Insulation chimney cost other than the main body
3) Roof penetrating member cost
4) Construction costs, miscellaneous expenses

Since there are many fluctuations here, after the main body is decided, we will consult with you about the details of the roof penetration based on the drawings you have received, and then we will make another estimate.

3. Things to keep in mind at the planning and design stages

If the building is wooden, a fire equipment notification (wide area fire brigade) is required for the embedded fireplace.
Please check with the department in charge at your company.
*This is to confirm whether the design specifications are acceptable for the installation standards of the fireplace at the construction site (depending on the region).
Construction cannot be carried out without a fire department permit.

◇  Design notes
1) Stage in front of the fireplace opening: noncombustible base + noncombustible finish
2) Furnace opening wall: LGS + noncombustible base + noncombustible finish
3) Combustion fresh air F/A: Φ175 spiral duct (noncombustible heat insulation) horizontal pull up to 4.5m, up to 2 elbows.
4) Indoor air circulation: Securing an intake port with an area of Φ150x2 or more and an exhaust port with an area of Φ150x2 or more
5) Delivery: About 6 to 7 months after receiving the order after approval of the drawing (from Europe to the port of Tokyo or Osaka (including customs clearance))

◇  Other notes etc.

・All finishing materials are requested to be designed with incombustible materials. *Construction work

・Do not install combustible materials (curtains, sofas, etc.) within 800 mm around the fireplace.

・Please reconfirm about Article 115 (Chimney installed in the building, separation distance) of the Building Standard Law Construction Example.

・In addition to the standard law, please comply with the fire protection law of the local government where the product is installed.

4. Payment

We ask that payment be made in cash by bank transfer. (We do not accept bills or credit card payments.)
​We will send you an invoice, so please pay by the end of the following month.

5.Some of the cases we have designed and constructed so far

Metal Fire Fireplace | MF1050-75 WHE 1S
metalfire.ULTIME D 1050-75WHE1S 軽井沢コアシグナル保養所.jpg
Custom KELO sauna |
Custom fireplace | Amanosato
AMANOSATO 天の里 特注暖炉
custom gas object
​Contura wood stove |
薪ストーブContura コンツーラ
1. ご注文から施工、納品までの流れ・納期について
2. お見積りの相場について
3. 計画段階、設計段階で留意していただくこと
5. これまでの設計施工させていただいた暖炉の一例
4. お支払いについて


1.About the difference between a fireplace and a wood stove

“Fireplace”: generally an open combustion without a door

“Wood stove”: Closed combustion, generally with a door

Both of them have in common that they burn firewood and enjoy the flames, but the features are described below. Each has its own charm.

For the "fireplace" (focus, metalfire, etc.), you can choose a symbolic focus fireplace that matches the interior of your room,

You can choose a fireplace made by metalfire that can be embedded in the wall and designed with a design around the main body.
In addition, many models have a modern design, and you can fully enjoy the swaying flames in the furnace and the crackling sound of the firewood.

A "wood stove" (dovre, contour, etc.) has an exposed body, and the heat of the flame is radiated, so you can expect a heating effect.
Among them, the cast iron stove has a high heat storage property.

Considering only thermal efficiency, it is a wood-burning stove >  wood-burning fireplace.

However, since high-efficiency fireplaces are being developed one after another, it is no longer possible to make a general statement.

1) Basics

Many fireplaces do not have doors, while wood stoves generally have doors.
Therefore, you can directly feel the sound and smell of burning firewood in the fireplace.
However, in homes with small children and pets, the fireplace exposes the flame to the living space,

You should be careful. Depending on the fire department in your jurisdiction, you may need to install a screen in front of your fireplace.

(Stoves and fireplaces also require consultation and application to the fire department in your company's jurisdiction.)

Both of them are quite heavy, so it is necessary to consider the strength of the floor.

(There is also a rule that combustible materials should not be placed within 1m.)

If it is installed on the first floor and there is an upper floor, the chimney will pass through, so it is necessary to secure the flue.

The chimney body and its surroundings become hot. Insulation will be performed, but please ensure sufficient space when designing.

2) About the range that can be warmed

Focus fireplaces and wood stoves are said to have very good thermal efficiency.
Radiant heat heats the entire room.

(There are some customers who say that even though the installation floor is the first floor, the upper floors are warm!)


3) About maintenance

Both fireplaces and wood stoves have chimneys and both require maintenance.

Chimney sweeping, which is the main item of maintenance, should be performed regularly (at least once a year).

After installation, the owner himself/herself will ask the contractor periodically.

Creosote that accumulates inside the flue by burning firewood ignites even at low temperatures,
Neglecting maintenance and accumulating it can easily cause a "chimney fire", which is very dangerous.

Please note that this is a mandatory item if you are installing a fireplace or wood stove.

4) Fireplace example

▽ focus fireplace ▽ metalfire fireplace




5) Example of wood stove

▽ Dovre シリーズ   ▽ Contura シリーズ      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_          ▽_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Pecan oven series


6) About the amount

Although it varies greatly depending on the chimney length and specifications, it is a fireplace >>> wood stove.

Focus fireplaces and metalfire fireplaces are more than three times more expensive than standard wood stoves such as dovre.

Therefore, fireplaces tend to be chosen by those who can afford it.

On the contrary, the stove has sufficient heating function compared to the fireplace

It can be installed at a reasonable price, so it is used by a wide range of customers.

2014_logo mf brons rest zwart.jpg
Interior architecture by Marc Mercx _Architecture by Govaert & Vanhoutte_floor Woodstoxx_l

2. About gas fireplaces and gas objects

Gas fireplaces and gas objects artificially produce flames similar to fireplaces and wood stoves by burning gas without using firewood.

For those who want to install a fireplace in a place where a fire cannot be lit in the past, custom-made for private homes, villas, restaurants and shops.

It has been used in a wide variety of ways, but considering the initial cost, running cost, safety, workability, etc.,

Ethanol fireplaces developed in recent years and holographic fireplaces announced by focus in 2022 are by far superior.

Therefore, we do not actively handle gas fireplaces and gas objects.


3. About maintenance

Chimney cleaning and maintenance is essential for any wood stove or fireplace.
If you are using a wood stove or fireplace for the first time and have any concerns, please ask a professional for maintenance.

Maintenance once a year

If you neglect maintenance, the combustion efficiency will decrease, and the original performance of the fireplace and wood stove will be lost.
Not only can it not be demonstrated,may cause fireincrease.
very dangerous. surelymaintenance at least once a yearlet's ask


Ready for next winter

offin season.

maintenance isApril to May, October

We accept.

▽ Care of the chimney
It involves working at heights and is dangerous, so we recommend that you hire a professional.
If you want to try it yourself, you will need a chimney sweep stick, a screwdriver, and a ladder. And don't forget the lifeline! ! !


| Care for surfaces, door glass, cooking griddles, etc. (gently with non-woven fabric)
You can use it longer by repairing soot, rust, and cracks on the surface of the main unit that occur due to use.

Proper intake and exhaust are important for combustion. Have a professional inspect and adjust.

| Inspection and replacement of catalyst and secondary combustion chamber
If you use a catalytic wood stove, the smoke is almost colorless and the soot emissions are low.
If a lot of colored smoke comes out, inspection or replacement is required.
Even if it is not a catalytic type, be careful if it is full of smoke or black smoke is emitted. Also consult an expert.

| Inspection and replacement of each part
Parts may become obsolete depending on usage conditions. Consult an expert for replacement parts.

1. 暖炉と薪ストーブの違いについて
2. ガス暖炉、ガスオブジェについて
3. メンテナンスについて

About the firewood used for the fireplace

| Warm PLUS recommended firewood "firewood of hardwood that has been artificially dried"


Warm PLUS recommends “artificially dried firewood” from “Shikoku Firewood Sales”.

hardwood mixSelling price: 3,000 yen/box(including tax and shipping)
*Hokkaido and Okinawa will incur additional shipping charges.  
*Please order at least 3 boxes.

Tree species: oak, oak, cherry, etc. *Not all three species are included.
Weight: about 20kg Length: about 30cm​
Format: Packed in a cardboard box for delivery. (Box size: 45cm x 34cm x 31cm)


▽ Click here for firewood from Shikoku Firewood Sales

You can order from ​.


About the wood stove

| We have moved to a fireplace as our main space, but we also continue to use a wood-burning stove.

| For our customers who have delivered wood stoves,

We will do our best to provide after-sales service, so please feel free to contact us.


​ Company Profile

| Notice of consolidation of Nishinomiya Shukugawa Showroom

For a long time, we had a showroom in Minamikoshigiiwa-cho, Nishinomiya City (Kurakuenguchi Station) along the Shukugawa River.
Thankfully, we have received many inquiries about overseas business, and in order to strengthen the focus and metalfire business divisions, Dan PLUS has decided to relocate and integrate its business bases to the South Office.

Due to the relocation of the office, the showroom in Minamietsu Kiiwa-cho was closed, and the new office will be open from October 1st.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

All of us will strive to further improve our technical capabilities and services. Thank you for your continued support of Dan Plus.

| Registration information

商          _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     Dan Plus Co., Ltd.

    設 立 年 月 日             August 1, 2011

資      本    _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Gold ¥3,000,000

代      表    _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ by Hiromi Yamamoto

所      在    _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 地 〒595-0025  大阪府泉大津市旭町 18-2   ALZAR_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ TOWERS  G-501

TEL/FAX 0725-92-8843  /  0725-92-8834

業   務   内_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 容                 暖炉・薪ストーブ・特注サウナ 温熱環境の設計施工販売

取   引   銀_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 行           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Senshu Ikeda Bank

    取扱メーカー       _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        focus (Belgium), metal fire (France)



      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbd5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3dcf58d_13FOCUS mp4







      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbd5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3dcf58d_13METAL FIRE mp4








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About firewood

About the wood stove

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​For more information, please contact us by email or phone by clicking the button below.

Business hours Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00  Closed on weekends and holidays

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