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metalfire is a Belgian manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance fireplaces.
In recent years, we often see similar fireplaces, but metalfire is the original.

The stylish cast iron ribs are outstanding in both presence and luxury.
Its thermal efficiency and air supply and exhaust system are astonishing even for us.

Dan PLUS is the only sole agent in Japan for metalfire.

Matching the interior of the room, regardless of whether it is for facility use or home use
We offer full-custom-made proposals.

A modern fireplace with functional beauty that provides quality warmth and peace of mind.

​ *Dan PLUS does not handle gas fireplaces (Avenue series, Urban series).

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A fully custom-made universal series that allows you to freely design dimensions, styles, and finishes.

You can raise and lower the beautiful and functional mesh screen.

This is a high-grade series for those who want to feel the beautiful flames up close, and those who want to create the design they want.

Interior architecture by Marc Mercx _Architecture by Govaert & Vanhoutte_floor Woodstoxx_l
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Ultimate series of standard dimensions with a glass door that can be raised and lowered for optimal combustion and high efficiency.


It is equipped with an efficient air supply and exhaust system with cutting-edge technology.

There are 6 types of opening size standards.

MF 600-50 WHE 1S with a width of 600mm and a length of 500mm

MF 600-75 WHE 1S with a width of 600mm and a length of 750mm
MF 800-50 WHE 1S with a width of 800mm and a length of 500mm

MF 800-75 WHE 1S with a width of 800mm and a length of 750mm
MF 1050-50 WHE 1S with a width of 1050mm and a length of 500mm

MF 1050-75 WHE 1S​ with a width of 1050mm and a height of 750mm

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MF Ultime D 1050-75 WHE 1S_closed wood fireplace_houthaard pieter-vanrenterghem-adinkerke-

​For more information, please contact us by email or phone by clicking the button below.

Business hours Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00  Closed on weekends and holidays

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