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"I can't install a chimney" "I can't burn firewood"
Due to these circumstances, we have received many requests for urban fireplaces.

I want to heal the fatigue of the day while looking at the fire.
I want to spend my holiday feeling the flickering of fire.
But I couldn't install a chimney or burn firewood...

For such clients, focus company
We have developed an innovative technology, the holographic fireplace.

This holographic fireplace flickers like a wood fire.
It doesn't have the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace, but it looks like a real flame in the video.

For urban condominiums and urban high-grade hotels where the use of wood-burning fireplaces is restricted
Considering a holographic fireplace?


| Ergofocus Holographic

Fire is an element that brings people together, creates bonds, and gives them a sense of security.

In a world that feels like it's going too fast, we all need a place to rest our souls, a place where we can gather around the hearth with our loved ones.

Focus reinvents this peaceful oasis with a fire that fuses innovation, style and reliability. Ten pioneering innovation patents have been filed to protect this unique technology.

Whether it's a private home or a luxury hotel, this holographic fireplace can be placed anywhere and easily operated with the push of a button.



heat output

Thermal efficiency

CO emissions






Focus Black   /  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbad58dbad58 Matt Black


6kW to 18kW (published value)



​ | What is a fireplace that doesn't require fire or firewood?


* Source: focus 


A hybrid fireplace consisting of a FOCUS fireplace and an ethanol fireplace is a Dan PLUS original.

GYROFOCUS, a representative work of focus company,
We integrated an ethanol fireplace for peace of mind even in the event of an earthquake.

This ethanol fireplace produces a flicker like a wood fire.
Warmth is inferior to a wood-burning fireplace,
For urban condominiums and urban high-grade hotels where the use of wood-burning fireplaces is restricted
Why not consider a hybrid fireplace?

​ | Ethanol fireplace that is safe even in the event of an earthquake


* Source: Xaralyn /  Clean Fire System (Ruby fire)


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